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Important information about the deadly Ebola outburst in Africa
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This site is dedicated to the works of BSAN and the programs that are birth from this organization.

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" The BSAN International is a Pan African community based organization that has mobilized many grassroots programs and campaigns for justice and equality throughout America, and West Africa since 2011. Although BSAN International is relatively new, the organization comprise of seasoned coordinators who has been serving the community for decades, and has established a reputation within its limited sphere of operation despite significant organizational challenges.

This international organization was founded in the United States by a recognized and respected activist/organizer that has been functioning on a grassroots level for well over 15yrs. Since the founder has repatriated to Sierra Leone, the organization has been in full operation with grassroots programs for the past 19months. The BSAN will strive daily to continue to work in various African working class communities scattered around the world.

Our efforts is to unify, and build support for progressive Pan-African organizations, and movements on the continent and throughout the Diaspora while serving the people, and educating the masses of their basic human rights to liberation through self government and socioeconomic development."
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