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The BSAN INTERNATIONAL is a Pan African community based organization that has mobilized many grassroots programs and campaigns for justice and equality throughout America, and West Africa since 2011. Although BSANI International is relatively new, the organization comprise of seasoned coordinators who has been serving the community for decades, and has established a reputation within its limited sphere of operation despite significant organizational challenges.

The BSANI was founded in the United States by a recognized and respected activist/organizer that has been functioning on a grassroots level for well over 15yrs. Since the founder has repatriated to Sierra Leone, the organization has been in full operation with grassroots programs for the past 20months.
BSANI will strive to continue to doing daily work in various African working class communities scattered around the world.

The focus of the BSANI work is to unify and build support for progressive and Pan-African organizations and movements on the continent and throughout the Diaspora while serving the people, and educating the masses of their basic human rights to liberation through self government and socioeconomic development.

PressTV Interviews Chairman Foday Following Mudslide Disaster.

In Sierra Leone, rescue workers were racing against time to find hundreds of people who remained missing following last month’s devastating landslide near the capital Freetown. The Red Cross says more than six-hundred people are still unaccounted for. Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to over five-hundred as rescuers dug more bodies from the mud. One of Africa’s worst flooding disasters in years occurred when the side of a hill collapsed after heavy rain, burying parts of a village near Freetown. About three thousand people have lost their homes. Officials say there is growing concern about an outbreak of waterborne diseases. The threat of deadly landslides is growing in west and central Africa as rainfall, deforestation and urban populations rise.

Chairman Foday is interviewed by an anchorwoman of PressTV and delivers an update of the rescue efforts and dealing with the aftermath of the Sugar Loaf  Hill mudslide disaster.





DATE: AUGUST 30, 2017


Foday Ajamu Mansaray Black Star Action Network International (BSANI) Director
+232 78 790956
Tahiyrah Asafo Black Star Action Network International Media Contact

On August 14, 2017 heavy rains in Freetown, Sierra Leone led to massive landslides in Guma Regent community- Martema – houses and people were covered by the sliding earth. Roads in Regent Village with Jui cut in two, and vehicular traffic severely restricted (Awoko).

The Black Star Action Network International (BSANI Movement), Gullah Nation Of North America (GNONA), and the United Afrikan Coalition for Justice & Human Rights (UAC) have partnered up to form the Freetown Collective and organize the Freetown Relief Fund; to provide direct emergency aid to the families and communities affected by the devastating and deadly August 14th Mudslide & Flood in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone.

The Freetown Collective is urgently calling on you to assist us by spreading the word and giving what you can to the Freetown Relief Fund.

Donations contributed to the Freetown Relief Fund will be spent on providing food, clothing, and shelter for as many victims of this natural disaster; as well as assist with basic medical and safety supplies, to help keep down the spread of disease and illness.
This mudslide and subsequent flooding has left over 600 dead and counting. Irreparable damage to property, communities in emergency crisis and thousands are now homeless.

Here is an exclusive interview on Press TV “Top 5” show and was granted extra time to report on the August 14, 2017 Freetown Flood & Landslide:

Please, we need your immediate help. I can be reached at 513-913-2691 and you can call Foday Ajamu Mansaray on the ground in Freetown at +232 78 790956.

We appreciate the time you took to hear our plea.

Tahiyrah Asafo
Freetown Collective

Building Black Families

Mama Kenya working with Keep the Promise to Children program.

BSANI – Black Star Action Network International is at the forefront of a very dire and contentious struggle to maintain the ongoing viability of Black families in Sierra Leone and abroad throughout the diaspora. The concept of the family as the basic building block of civilization and society is not a new one. The maintenance of the socio-cultural environment that will allow a family to develop and thrive is what organizations like BSANI endeavor to accomplish. This involves reciprocating relations with surrounding entities of interaction. BSANI is actively seeking to partner with such entities who mean well to the development of prospering Black families.

The Salone Sisters Circle is a program operated by BSANI as an endeavor to create opportunities for the sustainable prosperity of Black families in Sierra Leone and ultimately abroad.

Ebola death toll passes 2,400


The death toll from west Africa’s Ebola outbreak has risen to more than 2,400 from at least 4,784 cases.

“However, the World Health Organizations director general Margaret Chan said that is highly likely to be an underestimate.

Ms Chan said the number of cases of the deadly viral disease is rising faster than authorities’ ability to manage them.

She called for international support in sending healthcare workers, medical supplies and aid to the worst-affected countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Cuba is sending 165 doctors and nurses to Sierra Leone to help fight the outbreak, Cuba’s health minister and the WHO announced this morning.

Ms Chan hailed Cuba’s commitment to send the health professionals to the hard-hit west African country for six months.

She told reporters it was “the largest” made so far in the global fight to stop the deadly outbreak.”

Will a Quarantine Save Sierra Leone, or Push It to the Brink?


This past Saturday, the government of Sierra Leone declared a mandatory quarantine for the entire country starting on September 18. For three days, everyone must stay home to give authorities a chance get a step ahead of the disease. Across the country, people are already beginning to doubt the effectiveness of this plan.

Yusuf Johnny is a resident of Kenema, the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, and OneVillage Partner staff member. He told me he doesn’t think it will work the way the authorities intend. “It will create more problems,” Yusuf told me. “There are thousands of people here in Kenema that survive day-to-day. They won’t be able to have enough to feed themselves, and the government won’t be helping them during those three days.”

Josephine Seilu lives in Jokibu, a village in the east of Sierra Leone. She says that it might be a step in the right direction. “After the state of emergency was called, people were still moving from here to there and this was dangerous. They were contracting the disease,” she said. Despite this, she sees struggle ahead. “We will try to manage [during the lockdown], but I know it will create hunger.”

BSANI Statement on the Mike Brown Murder & the Ferguson Rebellion:


BSANI Statement on the Mike Brown Murder & the Ferguson Rebellion:

   The Black Star Action Network International shares the rage, and frustration surrounding the murder of Mike Brown; and the ongoing state sanctioned atrocities committed against the Black community. We support the various actions taken by community members, from protest to active and direct rebellion; we understand them to be justifiable, but they conclude that they fall short of ending the oppressive and homicidal practices of local policing and security agencies.

    The BSANI take that position that: organizing to fundamentally transform the social and economic relationships within the Black community will reduce and eventually end the police violence and repression imposed on Black in the US since our forced migration to the United States.

   The BSANI organizes for institutional and fundamental change, we seek to dismantle the systems and institutions of oppression, not appeal to or reform them. Our work is pragmatic and ongoing; although we do not reject protesting, demonstrations, or open rebellion, we understand that such actions must be supported by and occur in conjunction with economic, political, and Pan-African organization and development. We seek to build on the momentum created by the People’s mass efforts, and direct our energies towards more viable and permanent solutions to police repression and atrocities, and all other problems that plague our communities.

Diallo Kenyatta,

National Coordinator of the BSANI (US)

02 Sep 2014