PressTV Interviews Chairman Foday Following Mudslide Disaster.

In Sierra Leone, rescue workers were racing against time to find hundreds of people who remained missing following last month’s devastating landslide near the capital Freetown. The Red Cross says more than six-hundred people are still unaccounted for. Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to over five-hundred as rescuers dug more bodies from the mud. One of Africa’s worst flooding disasters in years occurred when the side of a hill collapsed after heavy rain, burying parts of a village near Freetown. About three thousand people have lost their homes. Officials say there is growing concern about an outbreak of waterborne diseases. The threat of deadly landslides is growing in west and central Africa as rainfall, deforestation and urban populations rise.

Chairman Foday is interviewed by an anchorwoman of PressTV and delivers an update of the rescue efforts and dealing with the aftermath of the Sugar Loaf  Hill mudslide disaster.