BSANI Statement on the Mike Brown Murder & the Ferguson Rebellion:


BSANI Statement on the Mike Brown Murder & the Ferguson Rebellion:

   The Black Star Action Network International shares the rage, and frustration surrounding the murder of Mike Brown; and the ongoing state sanctioned atrocities committed against the Black community. We support the various actions taken by community members, from protest to active and direct rebellion; we understand them to be justifiable, but they conclude that they fall short of ending the oppressive and homicidal practices of local policing and security agencies.

    The BSANI take that position that: organizing to fundamentally transform the social and economic relationships within the Black community will reduce and eventually end the police violence and repression imposed on Black in the US since our forced migration to the United States.

   The BSANI organizes for institutional and fundamental change, we seek to dismantle the systems and institutions of oppression, not appeal to or reform them. Our work is pragmatic and ongoing; although we do not reject protesting, demonstrations, or open rebellion, we understand that such actions must be supported by and occur in conjunction with economic, political, and Pan-African organization and development. We seek to build on the momentum created by the People’s mass efforts, and direct our energies towards more viable and permanent solutions to police repression and atrocities, and all other problems that plague our communities.

Diallo Kenyatta,

National Coordinator of the BSANI (US)

02 Sep 2014